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Chronic Pain

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Dr. Vicki Souder, DC, MS

I have a deep passion for helping people and animals heal.

Hi! Dr. Vicki here!  I’m glad you stopped by.  Are you seeking relief from chronic pain?
Let me help!

I have 26 years of experience treating complex neurological cases. My expertise is in cold laser therapy protocols, bio-mechanical rehab, and brain-based neuro rehab for stabilizing chronic pain management and associated neurological conditions.

During chiropractic college, I fell in love with chiropractic neurology and its practical approach to treating neurological and sports injury conditions.

My keen evaluation and observation abilities uncover the root of your health issues and grasp the broader context. Through my personalized treatments, I facilitate quicker healing compared to conventional methods. Let me assist you in your healing journey! Contact me today! 

Specializing in these common conditions.

• Anxiety
• Depression

• Headaches
• Balance Issues
• Whiplash
• Frozen Shoulder
• Lower Back Pain
• TMD/Jaw Pain and Grinding


• Sinus Pain
• Vertigo

• Balance Issues
• Ankle Instability
• Knee Pain

• Rotator Cuff
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Traumatic Brain Injury

Let Me Explain How I’m Different from Other Chiropractors

Unwinding Bad Muscle Patterns to Treat Chronic Pain

Spinal Cord Injury Treatment
Dr. Vicki is a very knowledgeable and skilled practitioner. I have sought many types of treatments for my spinal cord injury, but Dr. Vicki’s have been by far the most effective. She truly takes the time to learn about you and your condition. Besides how effective working with her has been, I genuinely look forward to my sessions with her simply because I enjoy the time I get to spend with her and learn from her.

If it is unclear from my review, then yes, I very highly recommend working with Dr. Vicki Souder 🙂

Nicholas Tran

Traditional chiropractic relies on adjustments to specific spinal segments. The vertebral movement frees up nerve support to associated muscles and organs.

My treatment protocols focus on Muscular Activation Therapy (MAT), which changes not only the spinal segments but also their supporting structures. Muscle activation is the hallmark of reinforcement for correct posture. Muscle activation will “turn on” muscles that may have been deactivated from trauma, overuse, or other types of injuries. Chronic muscle deactivation creates compensation patterns that are often painful and years in the making.

The reactivation process I perform is called unwinding, and it will change muscle patterns in 1-2 treatments for most patients. If physical therapy is performed while the muscles are deactivated, it will often make the condition worse. This is why exercise programs make the condition worse. They further cause more strain, which will add another layer of complication to your condition.

Unwinding will also change tendon and ligament support, which is imperative to making significant postural changes, especially long-term permanent changes. In addition, it will address scar tissue adhesions, which not only affect posture but can also be a source of chronic pain.

Discover how Dr. Vicki can help you!

Loving Life's Journey Linda Wilson Interviews Dr. Vicki

In this informative and fun interview above, Linda Wilson from Loving Life’s Journey podcast talks to Dr. Vicki about her practice, cold laser therapy, canine therapy, and more!  Enjoy their conversation packed with great information!

My Specialties

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Functional Neurology

Treating Parkinson’s

Sports Rehabilitation

Treating Whiplash

Canine Chiropractics

Dog Chiropractics

Treating Canine Arthritis

Chiropractic Services for Dogs

Dog Chiropractic certified.  Mobile appointments are available to residents of the Denver area.

My practice includes animal chiropractic therapy. Just about any animal species at any age can receive a chiropractic adjustment to treat chronic pain.  (We do not treat cats.)

Treating Degenerative Arthritis

Canine arthritis is a debilitating condition affecting dogs’ mobility and quality of life, characterized by joint inflammation and progressive spinal cord degeneration, respectively.

Animals with a biomechanical or neurologic condition benefit the most from a chiropractic adjustment. As with humans, you will see an improvement in their mobility, pain levels, and overall health and wellness.

If you notice your dog not wanting to jump or play, running at an angle, or being less active, it can indicate that something is out of alignment.  Call today to discuss your pet’s behavior and see if you need to book a mobile appointment or bring them into my office. 

What are my patients saying?

Dr. Vicki is excellent! We started using her to treat one of our dogs’ slipped discs. When my shoulder started hurting, my first stop was Dr. Vicki, and she’s worked her magic on me, too! I can’t recommend her services enough if you’re in pain and looking for an alternative (or complement) to medications or invasive procedures.
Rebecca Carpenter

Souder Next Door Review

Dr. Souder is amazing! She explains everything and is so knowledgeable. My dog actually loves being adjusted by her and is so excited when she comes over!  She helped me with my back issues as well! I wouldn’t trust my pup or my own back with anyone else. I highly recommend her!

Danielle Newcomb

The first time I went to see Dr. Vicki, I could barely walk due to spinal stenosis pain. After Dr Vicki worked on me with the laser frequency, my pain was gone, and my spasms were under control. That was five years ago. I still see Dr. Vicki for maintenance on my back and hips, my barrette’s esophagus, and now EOE! My throat doesn’t feel like it’s closing up! She also works on my stomach and my Celiac!
I don’t care what health issues you have; Dr. Vicki can help! I’m sure you have tried everything else, so what have you got to lose?

Karen Maestas

Hey Neighbors! If you are experiencing any kind of pain, you MUST see Dr. Vicki. She is the most incredible chiropractor I’ve ever been to. My family and I have referred so many people to her, and every single one of them has had success alleviating pain. She also works on animals! She has treated a couple of my pets, and I have seen a drastic improvement in them, too! She is a literal angel!
Lauren Hoppe

Dr. Vicki is not your ordinary chiropractor! She works on us and our pets! Her chiropractic care goes above and beyond by providing laser treatments and regular chiropractic services. She saved me from a lot of pain in different areas of my body caused by a severe motor vehicle accident years ago. The laser treatments helped with my sinusitis pain, migraine headaches, and post-surgical pain in my upper abdomen.  Ths even came to my home to treat me and my dog!  Dr. Vicki is wonderful!

Carrie Oster